Fantom FR-1 v3 TOUR Spec Brushless Motor (17.5T)

Fantom FR-1 v3 TOUR Spec Brushless Motor (17.5T)

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This is the TOUR 17.5 Motor. As expected by the manufacturer and the racers, these motors will come SEALED to the end user. If a "Tuned" option is selected, only your motor will be opened, and then tuned. There is no picking over of these motors and BamSpeed will honor the intent of the rules.

Manufacturer Description:

NEW 17.5Turn v3 Tour Spec Motor
(image is representative of the motor design, but not the wind of the motor)

  • Professionally built to our strict standards, which includes: the rotor properly shimmed, complete evaluation of coils and rotor strength evaluation.
  • All Tour Spec Edition motors are gauranteed to meet our strict TOUR® specifications
  • All Tour Spec motors come with laser ettched TOUR logo on stator and rotor shaft.

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